We know longer will be refunding any money.  

We are now an exchange only store.   You have  7 days to return your Items with original tags on them.  If your not sure of a size please ask and we will help you with any questions you have.    We are all moms have jobs, have family’s. I have heard and seen it all, But the policy is 7 days and 7 days only!! Zero exceptions for Friends or family. Please don’t ask because a policy is a policy.  


ALL CUSTOM ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE !!  I repeat all custom items can not be returned. !!  If your not sure of a size , size up!! 

I’m sorry but way to often i have been taken advantage of and 2018 policy stands for all!!  Family and friends !!  


All orders are paid in full. We will not ship out unless your paid in full.   Please don’t ask because we will not send anything unless paid.     Friend or family orders are all paid upfront.  


All custom orders are paid for before we make.  Sorry but to many times we make then hear sorry I️ changed my mind.  Sorry but going forward all must be paid first.  


We have several ways of payment that include  Paypal, Venmo, credit card, or phone order. !!!  


THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT.  2018 we promise to have the best prices along with customer service !!  Remember we price match of you see any place cheaper.